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If I Had A Hammer

AL_AS (1)

A statue of slaveholder Jefferson Davis looms large in front of the Alabama capitol, also the first site of the breakaway Confederate government during the Civil War

Well, you don’t see this every day.

A government body, in this case the Alabama State Senate, voting on whether or not to abolish itself. If it actually happens — and I have my doubts despite knowing little about the situation — then Alabama would join Nebraska as the only unicameral legislatures in the United States.

It reminds me of Al Gore and his “streamlining government” propaganda as part of the Clinton administration. It was good optics, an opportunity for photo ops of politicos such as Gore. But, of course, it was a smokescreen to cover for bureaucratic bungling.

Gore would hand out hammers as awards. I remember seeing one at the Oregon Department of Agriculture. Why they were awarded one I don’t recall. But does it really matter? It was awarded by blowhard Gore.

Pastor Hutch

The news about the Alabama Senate comes from the hometown — Anniston, Alabama — of the late Ken Hutcherson, NFL linebacker and pastor of Antioch Bible Church near Seattle. He died in 2013 from cancer. He was a towering figure and wonderful speaker. I miss him. He had a profound influence on our family, and on me personally.

Learning from Hutch about segregation and racism in the town was revealing. Thankfully, he resolved to not despise every white man, though as a younger man he did.

I’ve made a mental note to keep up on the news from Anniston, to learn more about Hutch’s background. It’s easy to do since I regularly browse the front pages of newspapers via the Newseum, a museum in Washington, DC dedicated to everything news. It’s usually the first paper listed on the museum’s links to the day’s front pages.