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Summing up politics in America in the 1830s

Henry hates John. John abhors Henry. Andrew can’t stand Henry or John—and neither of them have any use for Andrew.”

The Players
Henry is Henry Clay, Speaker of the House for decades. John is John C. Calhoun, a proud southerner who developed the idea of nullification. And Andrew is Andrew Jackson, war hero and eventual president of the United States.

I discovered this incredible summation of affairs in the book Distory: A Treasury of Historical Insults by a man named Schnakenberg.


Creepy Faces


This face, the one on the right, is really creeping me out. My apologies to this particular Swede. But, man, there’s just something about the haircut, the smile, the look.

I am assuming this individual in question is Böcker, who is apparently well known in Sweden. I don’t know if Böcker is a man or a woman.¹ I can’t tell. Or is this Bergström?²

I guess it is time for Google Translate. My Swedish is a little rusty.

top-10-evil-characters-10I’d been browsing through some of the international papers and decided to check out Sweden. Boy, was that a mistake.

Ain’t it creepy, like a villain in movie? Kinda reminds me of the child catcher from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Man, that fella gave me the chills every time I watched his scenes. Still creeps me out.

Yes, yes, I know. I probably insulted one of the smartest and most talented and most respected Swedes ever born, and, thus, insulted the whole of Sweden, too.


1. Silly me, böcker is the Swedish word for books.

2. Hey, it’s Bergström! Gunilla Bergström. She is a children’s book author. The woman on the left is Annika Lindgren, her granddaughter.