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“Ronald Reagan is dangerous & Jimmy Carter hasn’t really been all that bad.” — the Harvard Crimson, 1980

Discovered this gem in a 1980 issue of The Harvard Crimson.

“Ronald Reagan is dangerous, John B. Anderson is out of it, and Jimmy Carter hasn’t really been all that bad.”

Let’s update it for 2016. Note the revisionist history. Reagan is now nearly venerated, because the media know that turning on him now will produce an intense backlash from the public.

“Donald ain’t Ronald. Not even close. Reagan was great. Trump is terrible, and what’s worse is he’s dangerous. Bernie is out of it, and Barack Obama has been terrific. Hillary Clinton will continue that terrificness. And she’s the only rational one out there.”

Carter seemed to admit his failures and shortcomings. The modern Democrat Party doesn’t do that. Instead, everything is awesome.

Let’s hope the electorate can cut through the noise, the intense, never-ending bias of the media, like in 1980.


Trump is less dangerous than Hillary Clinton, says Bernie Sanders voter.

Out marching with sign in hand, a Bernie Sanders supporter tells a fella from MSNBC something that I believe wholeheartedly, that a Donald Trump White House will be much less dangerous than a President Hillary Rodham Clinton.

“I prefer Donald Trump” to Hillary Clinton. “Trump is less dangerous.”

Wow. Hillary’s entire career trajectory is just an amazing story. She is so unpopular that it is mind-boggling.


Bernie Sander’s Roots

Ever since learning of Bernie Sander’s roots in Poland, where I share some familial connections too, I wanted to get specific.

I’ve been reading and learning about his father, Eli, who was born in a village not far from Kraków. Fleeing poverty and prejudice, he left for the United States in 1921, ending up in Brooklyn.

Sadly, many of the family who remained were murdered during the Holocaust.


Slip slidin’ away? Unfortunately for Hillary, America has elections, not coronations.

So Hillary Clinton has had enough of Bernie Sanders.

Well, I’ve had enough of Hillary Clinton. I had enough of her back in 1995.

A lot of us have had enough. Susan Sarandon, Daniel Craig, John C. Reilly, Neil Young, Tim Robbins, Danny DeVito, Ronda Rousey, Mia Farrow, Spike Lee, Dave Matthews, Seth McFarlane, Jeremy Piven, Sarah Silverman, George Wendt. These folks are all supporting Bernie.

Fortunately for Hillary I don’t have the power to banish people I don’t like. And thankfully for us, the electorate, we still have some say.

America is a republic. We don’t have dictators. We don’t have coronations. Our presidents aren’t selected by a cabal, at least I’d like to think that doesn’t happen.

Hillary, you still haven’t won the nomination, and I am hoping and praying that you never will.


Operation Chaos, Part 2

Republicans, Conservatives Should Do
Everything They Can To Help Bernie

Sanders romps in Washington, Alaska, Hawaii

What a beautiful headline.

I had a feeling they didn’t need my help, a conservative interloper doing his best for Operation Chaos, Part 2. I pre-registered for the caucus, but didn’t feel like going, so I didn’t.

It really is quite simple. Very few like Hillary and even fewer trust her. I am one of them.

Man, if Bernie can somehow pull off the upset, I will be laughing for a long, long time.

The talking heads think it’s the Republicans with all of the problems. Well, they ain’t. It’s bipartisan.

To help Bernie and extend the Democratic primary campaign as long as possible, Republicans, conservatives, libertarians, whoever cares for the country should vote for him. One, anything that puts some distance between Hillary and the presidency is a plus. Two,

Bernie or bust, baby!