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The Children’s Blizzard is “the gripping story of an epic prairie snowstorm…”


The Children’s Blizzard, a book by a man named David Laskin, is “the gripping story of an epic prairie snowstorm that killed hundreds of newly arrived settlers and cast a shadow on the promise of the American frontier.”

My mother’s grandparents had arrived the year before, in 1887, from Germany with two of their children, Emil and Otillie, who was named after an aunt. What happened to these two no one knows. I’ve been looking and looking for years.

Obviously, death must have taken them away, since besides the immigration paperwork, they are never mentioned again. Did they get caught up in the blizzard like so many others? I will keep hunting for details. They deserve to be remembered and their stories told.




Sound familiar? Precisely 35 years ago today, February 9, 1978, New England was hit by a record-setting Nor’easter.

1978 – Record snowfall

More than 1,200 Army troops from Southern and Southwestern bases were flown to New England to help clear a record snowfall from streets and rail tracks to get the region moving again. The classic “nor’easter” storm, the worst in the 20th century, had finally subsided after dumping at least two feet of snow on most areas and as much as 55 inches on some areas of Rhode Island and Massachusetts. Thousands of cars had been abandoned on city streets and on highways and the area ran short of groceries and cash with thousands wandering streets in search of open banks and stores with supplies.