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Professor at Iowa State is sad because Brazil says ‘Adios’ to socialist prez

A professor at Iowa State is sad because Brazil’s socialist president overreached and is about to be thrown out of office.

What’s sad is this gal is a professor teaching political science. She doesn’t seem to know much of anything.

Smith says what’s happening in Brazil reflects a fundamental misunderstanding by many lawmakers of how the country’s democratic institutions work.”

Oh, academics in their ivory towers.

Umm, isn’t impeachment part of Brazil’s constitution? Isn’t this really up to the legislators, who are, after all, elected themselves?

Checks and balances, including the right to impeach and remove leaders, is essential to representative government. It’s an important part of the framework of any government.

“This is a moment in which those of us who care about Brazilian democracy should be sad.”

It’s up to the legislature to determine, not a nosy assistant professor half a world away.

“In my opinion, the way many deputies who voted for impeachment celebrated the vote was unseemly. Even if a president deserves impeachment, one should treat the matter with dignity and gravitas.”

Her political opponents won and celebrated the victory. Big deal! Get over it, Smith! Too bad we can’t impeach preachy professors with no real world experience.


I’m not sure what I just ate, but it was yummy. Thanks, Häagen-Dazs.


It’s called Tres Leches Brigadeiro.

It was only 99 cents at the local Grocery Outlet. My tummy, built-in deal-identifying radar, and sweet tooth — otherwise known as a serious sugar addiction —  said, “You better buy this. Right now.”

So I did.

I then walked across the street to the Crossroads Mall, sat down, and promptly ate it.

Thank you, Paula Barbosa.
Thank you, Artisan Collection.
Thank you, Häagen-Dazs.
Thank you, Brazil.
Thank you, My Sweet Brigadeiro.

Paula is the founder of My Sweet Brigadeiro.

Brigadeiro is a sweet concoction, made with condensed milk, cocoa and butter, from Brazil. According to Paula it is “Brazil’s favorite and most traditional sweet.”

“The Brigadeiro is slowly cooked until it gets the right velvety consistency, then it’s hand rolled into a luscious round shape and covered with chocolate sprinkles or nuts.”

Tres leches is a Latin American dessert that has sweet condensed milk as its main ingredient. Tres is Spanish for three, and leches is milk.

There was nothing fake in it. Just cream and sugar.

Häagen-Dazs, however, is just a made up word.