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Reminds me of Stalinist Russia & Mao’s Cultural Revolution & Great Leap Forward in China.

Those Who Bake Are an Enemy of the State!

Authorities in Venezuela, homeland of the late Hugo Chavez, have been rounding up bakers, as in those who make tasty goodies in ovens, for making too much food and not following whatever stupid rules the bureaucrats have dictated.


There’s a lot about China that’s fake

I don’t like it here.” — a resident of Tianducheng, a city in China made to look like Paris

The place is “a little strange,” she says. I wonder if she’s been arrested yet.

There’s so much graft and corruption and greed in China. There was the melamin in pet food. There was junk in baby formula.

I wouldn’t be surprised if some are dumping their industrial waste into products they export to America. I remember from years back the toxic smell leaching from the black plastic cases of the cheap DVDs at the dollar store.

Because of these problems and lax enforcement of food safety and other regulations, I fully support ending free trade with China. It’s past time to begin placing tariffs on certain imports and banning others altogether.


China, Lady Gaga, Glenn Beck, Soros, Louis C.K., Romney, Michael Moore, Hillary, Matt Damon, Canada, Johnny Depp, Kasich, and Just About Everyone Else in D.C. & Hollywood


All the right folks — among them George Soros, Mitt Romney, the Republican Establishment, Glenn Beck, career politicians of every stripe, the bureaucrats, the mainstream media, Hillary, Bernie,  — are coming out against Trump, and secondarily Cruz, making all kinds of declarations about them and their campaigns, warning the electorate to steer clear of such wildly radical men.

So I might just vote from Trump — out of spite, mostly. If Cruz is the nominee he can count on my support. It’s a great way to rebel from the so-called mainstream.