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Strange days in Russland

So Tsar Putin has fired several naval officers after they refused to play a dangerous cat-and-mouse game with the West.

It’s been described as a Stalin-like purge. Oh, the memories. Very nostalgic. Reminds me of the movie The Hunt for Red October, one of my personal favorites.

I hope the Russians come to realize that they need to dispose of their KGB friend, and the sooner, the better.



The Brit, turned Soviet spy, “whose treachery was responsible for the deaths of hundreds.”

The Red Scare is a big deal to many leftists. McCarthyism is the witch hunt always lurking beneath the surface, they say. Well, Soviet spying and recruitment of Americans in government was serious and was at times quite effective. The same is true of Britain.

One such man fooled his bosses at Brit spy agency MI6 for years. He’s back in the news because a speech has been unearthed where he bragged to the Stasi, the East German secret police, explaining how easy it was to fool his British overseers.

The fact is that many Western bureaucrats were working for the Soviets. The guilty are many: a lawyer and key assistant in the State Department, a senior Treasury man, and even a Congressman from New York who sat on the Congressional committee investigating Soviet espionage, the House Un-American Activities Committee.

There was a project within the government, initiated by the Army during World War II, to ferret out Soviet spies.

Many people died because of these traitors and their sympathizers. Don’t let the revisionists convince you otherwise.


Stalin’s Gratitude

A seller on eBay from Tallinn, capital of Estonia, has a proclamation from Stalin thanking a soldier for ‘liberating’ the towns of Bütow (Bytów) and Berent (Kościerzyna) in Pomerania during the last days of World War II. Stalin’s portrait graces the top center and is flanked by flags. The bottom portrays a Kremlin tower, possibly with celebratory fireworks.

It’s known as decree No. 296, issued on the 8th of March 1945. Issued by Commander of the 2nd Belorussian Front on behalf of Supreme Commander-in-Chief Marshal of the USSR Joseph Stalin, Senior Sergeant Vladimir Starodubsky was cited for excellence in battle. The document has the stamp of the unit and hand signature of the commander.


I am looking for an image of it. The one I posted originally via a link has disappeared.