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Only the right “news”


Democrats in Congress only want certain “news” outlets to operate. Congressional Democrats sent a letter to Comcast, Amazon, Google, AT&T, and other companies, demanding to know how each will deal with “the spread of dangerous misinformation” from Fox NewsOAN, and Newsmax, including whether or not the corporations will continue to allow the content on their services.


Parliament of Whores is right. Sadly, oh-so-right.



“The average net worth of a Senator is more than $14 million, and the average net worth of a member of the House of Representatives is nearly $6 million.”

Though this information is a few years old, the numbers are likely to have gotten worse, such is the corruption and cronyism within our government.


Yeah, when you can’t even get details on key figures right, then it’s hard to take you seriously.

Senator Paul Ryan?

I received this message in my inbox a few minutes ago. I immediately noticed a big mistake.


Friend —

This ticks me off. Opponents of Obamacare in Congress are reaching new levels of disgrace — all to save face after realizing that repeal isn’t so popular, after all.

On Tuesday, Senator Paul Ryan said this:

“We’re not hatching some bill in a back room and plopping it on the American people’s front door.” –House Speaker Paul Ryan on NBC’s “Today” show

Now, on the face of it, what’s the big deal? So what if Paul Ryan is the Speaker of the House and not a senator?

But such errors portend on bigger, more crucial matters. Such mistakes warn me of a great many things, including:

  1. a lack of professionalism.
  2. not taking the time to look for errors.
  3. a seriously partisan lack of collegiality.
  4. how dangerous and excessively political leftist activists have become.

How about we do some proofreading next time?

Makes ya wonder, mistakes or not, what is in the Obamacare bill, the Affordable Care Act. Of course, I, like so many of us, including many of our politician friends, have not taken the time to read the damn thing. It is thousands of pages! And a bore, no doubt.

Nancy Pelosi infamously said that the legislation need to pass before anyone outside the bureaucracy could know what was in it. Sadly, she’s probably still clueless on it, like everything else. Someone should ask her if she’s ever read it. Reporters, if they actually did their jobs properly, would have already done it.


This is why so many us are sick of the status quo!

A $138,400
annual paycheck

from the feds
for corrupt
Jesse Jackson Jr.!?

From the front page of The Chicago Tribune. An investigation shows disgraced, criminally convicted former Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. is being paid $138,400 every year from the federal trough. That's taxpayer money!

Despite having been convicted and imprisoned for corruption, former Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. collects a hefty salary, milking the taxpayers for even more. Meanwhile, shootings and murders in Chicago continue to plague the populace, the homeless and the poor continue to struggle, and the politicians continue to bilk the system.


Women Scare Me, Especially the Power Hungry Ones

I’m sure we can all learn something from this, but I really don’t want to delve into it. I ain’t brave enough.

Women scare me, and these two — Hillary and BFF Huma Abedin, wife of former Congressman Carlos Danger — especially so. Powerful women are dangerous and incompetent ones seeking power even more so.

Thankfully, someone at the Daily Mail has done some of the work for me. But it’s still a hecka of a lot of reading. I’m not up for it. I’d rather watch QI.


‘Beam me, up!’

I am reading news reports about Congressman David Wu. I first read about the situation on FoxNews.com, based on reporting in The Oregonian and Willamette Week. As I read through the details, I may add some here and a few comments.

Wu’s Klingon stunt a few years ago, recorded by C-SPAN, reminded me a lot of Jim Traficant, a larger-than-life Congressman who often said “Beam me, up!” on the House floor when flabbergasted by something. At the time The Oregonian printed a funny photo of someone in Klingon grab and makeup with its story on the front page, which I’ll always remember.

Wu may have been referencing the book Rise of the Vulcans, which refers to a group within the Bush White House, but this was lost on most, perhaps even Wu himself. There was, and apparently still is, a serious disconnect.

There’s a lot of funny video out there on Traficant, so take a look. My favorites are from his ethics committee hearing, manure studies at the Ag Department, and about the Dems and growth and power of the government.