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Parliament of Whores is right. Sadly, oh-so-right.



“The average net worth of a Senator is more than $14 million, and the average net worth of a member of the House of Representatives is nearly $6 million.”

Though this information is a few years old, the numbers are likely to have gotten worse, such is the corruption and cronyism within our government.


This is why so many us are sick of the status quo!

A $138,400
annual paycheck

from the feds
for corrupt
Jesse Jackson Jr.!?

From the front page of The Chicago Tribune. An investigation shows disgraced, criminally convicted former Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. is being paid $138,400 every year from the federal trough. That's taxpayer money!

Despite having been convicted and imprisoned for corruption, former Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. collects a hefty salary, milking the taxpayers for even more. Meanwhile, shootings and murders in Chicago continue to plague the populace, the homeless and the poor continue to struggle, and the politicians continue to bilk the system.


Forty-five years in the Illinois legislature!? What ever happened to citizen legislators?

Finally Speaker of the Illinois House of Representatives Michael Madigan, the man on top, gets a challenger. (Pun intended.)

of Representatives is a man named Madigan, Michael Madigan. Madigan has been in office for 45 years, 31 of those as speaker.

Forty-five years!? To me this is just ridiculous. No one should hold political power for that long.

Many election cycles he hasn’t even had an opponent. He mostly runs unopposed. No wonder he’s all smiles.

He’s so open and honest that his Twitter feed isn’t even public. It’s protected. Only those going through a screening process are awarded access.

And they wonder why corruption is such a problem. It’s a particular issue in Illinois.