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“He killed a fascist. I see nothing wrong with it.”


Smearing political opponents as fascist is a dehumanizing tactic, just what the Nazis did with their political and perceived opposition, including the Jews, during World War II.

“He killed a fascist. I see nothing wrong with it.” That is a quote from Erik Loomis, a professor at the University of Rhode Island. He supports stalking and murdering people he considers fascists, such as Aaron Danielson, who was shot dead by leftist radical Michael Reinoehl in downtown Portland, Oregon.

Earlier I wrote about artwork at the University of Rhode Island that is slated for removal because it has been deemed offensive and controversial, which is blatantly ridiculous.

Up is down at the University of Rhode Island. Reasoning and decency are dead.


Never-ending nonsense


Leftists are literally rioting and looting for months and it is the elusive “white supremacists” who are the number one danger.

I want names. Who? Which white supremacists are a danger? What are they planning? I want names of groups and I want names of individuals. Stop being vague and get down to specifics. I want to know. Stop hiding behind reports that tell us nothing.

Drudge and CNN are shamelessly spreading this garbage. Both are propaganda organs. It is disgusting what the news media have become.


A policeman’s death in Chicago was ruled a suicide. But an FBI expert says otherwise.


Veteran Chicago police Sgt. Donald Markham was shot by someone else at point-blank range in his home in 2015 before the scene was staged to appear to be a suicide, a forensic pathologist hired by the FBI concluded in a report obtained Thursday by the Chicago Tribune.

The five-page report contradicts Cook County officials’ ruling that Markham had shot himself in September 2015 after a drunken argument with his wife, Dina, also a veteran Chicago cop. The report was part of a yearlong probe by the FBI, which began after questions were raised within the Chicago Police Department about Markham’s death.


Hey, when you’re hungry, you’re hungry.

I’m not the only one who loves a good burger.

Somewhere in the nation’s capital, a fella snuck into a Five Guys burger joint by following a delivery man through an open door. After the delivery man left, he fired up the grill, made himself a burger, drank a bottled water, and then left.

Of course, there are easier ways of making a good burger in the wee hours of the morning. Also, breaking the law for a meal isn’t generally a good idea. Other than the food, it doesn’t look like he damaged anything. No broken windows, no damaged locks.

I do like this guy’s style. There’s something admirable about him. I am fond of harmless, nonviolent thieves. It sure beats the alternative, hardened criminals who don’t mind hurting people. I do wonder if drugs had any role in this.

If the authorities track the man down, Five Guys should just charge him for whatever he ate and drank with the proviso that he should visit during normal business hours.