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Lincoln towers over Fidel, 1959


I have tweaked this image a bit, manipulating the contrast, so it will print better on a black-and-white laser printer. I love high contrast imagery. I may use this for a piece of art at some point. The photograph, by photographer Alberto Korda, is titled David and Goliath.


The mysterious figures on the grassy knoll during that fateful day in Dallas? The Cruz family!


Strange, but curiously interesting. I wonder who got started down this road.

“Hey, he looks like Ted Cruz’s dad!”

The smear campaign against Cruz continues, adding to a long list of character assassination attempts. This latest one is a bit bizarre, even for the Enquirer.

Even if it is Ted’s father in the photo, what does that prove? I don’t think there will be much, if any, damage from it.

If being in a photograph alongside Lee Harvey Oswald makes one guilty of anything, then there are quite a few law-abiding Americans who fit into that category.

Nice try, Enquirer!

What’s planned for next week? “Ted Cruz Helped Hinckley Shoot Reagan! And Has A Big Crush on Jodie Foster, Too!”