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Abortion in Europe


Abortion laws in European countries are often
more restrictive than those in the United States

Andorra, Malta and San Marino do not allow abortion at all. Monaco and Liechtenstein allow it only when a woman’s health or life is at risk.

Fifteen European countries, including Italy and Spain, require a mandatory waiting period. In 12 countries, including Hungary and Germany, women must undergo mandatory counselling or receive mandatory information from their doctors before the abortion.

In Germany, abortion can only be done within 12 weeks of conception.

Black Lives Matter is a lie


The founder of the Black Lives Matter chapter in St. Paul, Minnesota has resigned, saying that the group isn’t concerned with helping black communities or helping improve the public schools. I am glad people like him are standing up and speaking out. I wish more would do the same.


Sadly, I don’t think this pledge idea is going anywhere.


Unfortunately, I think this young man is fighting a very uphill battle.

Rather than join him in his campaign, wacko college students are pushing hard in the other direction. Because the flag and the pledge represent what’s wrong with the world — structural racism, imperial militarism, unrestrained capitalism and so on — such symbols must be eradicated. The flag itself is a micro-aggression. The pledge is too.

Sadly, I think the nation has “jumped the shark.” The declines can be tracked many ways. The cultural rot has been spreading. The crassness of the Republican primary is just one indicator. I had hopes for Donald Trump, that he’d clean it up and realize he needed to be a unifying force, as he claims to be.

Dennis Miller saw it coming. He said it many times on his now-defunct radio show. The country has flipped, he said. And he predicted Hillary would be the next president. It looks like Miller was right, more and more, with every passing day.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t soldier on. Fighting the good fight is what life is about. I wish him luck.


Carbonated swamp juice? Why not?


I’d never heard of it until now. It’s called Spezi, pronounced SHPET-see, a drink that’s a mix of cola and citrus sodas enjoyed by many Germans.

The name — Spezi — is the word — in the Bavarian dialect — for buddy, presumably learned from American soldiers during World War II.

In 2016, however, one 21st century American wasn’t impressed when offered a glass.

“It looks like carbonated swamp juice.”

One marketer isn’t worried, though.

“It’s not an appetizing color when people are not used to it. It looks a bit strange, but we don’t care—it’s part of our strategy.”

An American from Indiana who lives near Frankfurt thinks it looks “like the Calumet River,” a heavily polluted waterway in his home state.

I will have to try it some time.