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The doughnut incident?

CA_TSBrowsing through today’s front pages brought me to this headline about a doughnut incident revealed in the leak of Democratic National Committee emails.

I had to learn more. Then, I read that this is referencing a bizarre episode where a celebrity I know nothing about, singer Ariana Grande, walks into a shop, licks a donut, and declares her hatred of America.

Of course, she’s a Democrat and wants to help in whatever ways she can. She wants to perform at the White House. But Obama’s handlers, quite wisely, politely decline her offer.

Now, so my research for this yawn of a story won’t be a complete waste, I am wondering about spelling and words. Most folks I know spell it donut, not doughnut as printed in the paper. So what should it be? Doughnut or donut? And why?


Remember Lois Lane from the old Superman movies? She just wrote an exposé on Hillary’s money.


The actress who portrayed Lois Lane in the Christopher Reeve Superman films — Margot Kidder — actually did a bit of sleuthy reporting recently, à la Lois Lane, writing an exposé on the money behind Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

It’s very Lois Laneish. She shows an incredible network of collusion between donors, state party organizations and the DNC, the Democratic National Committee. It’s really quite something.

Lois Lane and Perry White, her editor at The Daily Planet, would be proud.