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For news on the war…

I have been compiling stories and sources about Russia and Ukraine at my blog on Tumblr. Take a look. Lotsa good stuff. The design is different from this blog. Tons of links. Kinda like my version of the Drudge Report. But, of course, better, much better.


Hmmm. Bill Clinton is kinda like Trump. Always makes life interesting.


Did he misspeak? Me thinks not.

He does like to ramble on and on, though. He loves to hear himself talk. He loves to pontificate.

And his fans often sit in awe. I experienced in person when he visited the community college in my hometown.

To most of the staff it was huge. The upper administrators were all there. It was as if a rock star had come to campus.

I was there to report on it and take photos, though my publisher and editor did not assign me to it. I was writing for Salem Monthly at the time.

They were big on Barack. The lengthy primary, the refusal of the Clintons to drop out, made them enemies. I could tell my editor hated them. She didn’t want any coverage of the Clintons. But I went anyway. How often do you get the chance to cover a former president?

Afterwards — after Bill’s long forgettable talk — I discovered a place where the public could meet and greet him. The politicos and Secret Service were adamant that no press were allowed in that area.

Of course, I ignored them. Immediately I became John Q. Public. Soon I learned that I wasn’t the only one. A photographer with the local paper, the Statesman Journal, stood beside me. She and I got to talking. She was swooning. She obviously liked Bill Clinton.

“Isn’t he great? He’s so handsome.”

I tried to hide my disgust. I buried it deep. It was very telling. I was glad to be there. It was a good learning experience. Made me better understand the strangeness of celebrity and the dangers of the mob mentality.

Hitler had that same charisma. Now, obviously Bill is no genocidal maniac. But he is an egomaniac. Very much Trump.

Folks were lining up to shake hands and get autographs. One fella had a copy of his memoir, My Life.

It’s a big, thick book. Not worth lugging around. I had a copy myself, but never got around to reading it. It’s probably a bore anyway.

Of course, Bill loved the attention.

Maybe that’s the answer for his latest comments. Maybe he’s been overlooked a bit too long. Needs to get back in the headlines.