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Well, at least the editors at the New York Daily News & I can agree on something.

Editors at the New York Daily News wish Omar Abdel-Rahman, the creepy Blind Sheikh, a warm, enthusiastic welcome to Hell, and I wholeheartedly agree.عمر عبد الرحمن
تعفن في الجحيم، الأحمق

The Blind Sheikh, whose moniker could have been The Blind Creep, has finally died. Sadly, he wasn’t executed. He died in prison. He was a terrorist leader responsible for the deaths of many. Enjoy your virgins!

Just the other day, I tweeted about how he was the poster child for strict immigration controls. He was issued a tourist visa to the United States despite being on a terror watch list!

Rot in hell, Blind Creep!


A Mummy in Grandma’s Attic

One day a ten-year-old boy in Diepholz, Germany decides to poke around his grandmother’s junk in the attic. He ventures into one dark, dusty corner. There’s a big rectangular box made of wood. What’s inside? A mummy. Apparently grandpa brought it back after a trip to North Africa in the Fifties.