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“Trump has a gigantic advantage on YouTube”


From MoveOn:
“Joe Biden is leading in most polls, but we can’t get complacent, because new data shows that Trump has a gigantic advantage on YouTube, the most popular platform on the entire internet, and that’s a big, big problem.”

Politico is calling YouTube Trump’s ‘secret weapon,’ much like Facebook was in 2016, where Trump dominated Hillary Clinton and gained a below-the-radar advantage that didn’t become apparent until it was too late.”

“During a socially distanced campaign season where people are staying home and streaming more than ever before, YouTube is positioned to play an even more influential role than Facebook.”


The Fruit of Her Hands

A friend posted something on Facebook today that caught my eyes. He and I are friends from long ago. We go back to elementary school.

Being Mother’s Day, it was about mothers. He quoted a Bible verse, from Proverbs.1

There are two translations I like best, of the many at Bible Gateway and elsewhere:

the New International Version,

HONOR her for all that her hands have done, and let her works bring her praise at the city gate.”

and the International Standard Version,

REWARD her for her work— let her actions result in public praise.”

I also like the New Living Translation, particularly the word deeds.

“Let her deeds publicly declare her praise.”

Another translation uses the word achievements. More traditional texts use the phrases “give ye to her” and “the fruit of her hands.”

So putting these altogether, I’ve come with this:

Give ye to her
Praise for her deeds
Honor your mother
For the fruit of her hands
Let her achievements
Bring your thanks
And share it with others.

Of course, there’s also the Fifth Commandment2:

Honor thy father and thy mother.”


1. It’s Proverbs 31:31.
2. Exodus 20:12 and Deuteronomy 5:16

Suliat Wants To Be Friends


Today I received the following message from a ‘Suliat Amsalu,’ who I am guessing doesn’t actually exist.


I love these scammers and spammers. Some of the attempts at conning me are quite creative.

“i saw your profile now on
(facebook) and i like it.”

very e e cummings.

“I want us to be friends if you don’t mind.”

Oh, she wants to be friends! Of course! She also wants my email address.

“email me so that i may tell you more about
me and also give you my pictures”

Is ‘her’ lack of punctuation artsy or just lazy?

She is a simple Christian-Hindi-Catholic girl from either India or Côte d’Ivoire or, more likely, nowhere.

Thankfully, Facebook is right on top of it. One of Suliat’s many pages don’t exist no more.

Take care, Suliat.


Libraries & Censorship

A photo of the Rural Library Services bookmobile with the state library building in the background.
A photo of the Rural Library Services bookmobile with the state library building in the background.

It’s rather ironic and quite hypocritical for the Oregon State Library to subscribe to a newsletter on censorship. It’s the newsletter of the National Coalition Against Censorship, or NCAC.

I can’t access the group’s Facebook page from the library’s computers, because Facebook is deemed inappropriate. I can’t read the NCAC’s tweets, because Twitter is a no-no. Yet, with my own personal laptop I can use the wireless network provided by the library to do it. Of course, anyone who can’t afford a laptop or similar device is out of luck.

I can’t listen to my music on Grooveshark while I write or research. But Pandora isn’t blocked for some reason. (Don’t tell, or someone will probably pull the plug.) I like listening to something while I am working on my stack of stuff for the day, whether it’s music or radio, usually streaming over the Net.

I suggest the staff of the Oregon State Library actually start reading the newsletter and implementing less restrictive policies. After all, the First Amendment doesn’t stop at the library doors.

Perhaps someone from the NCAC will contact the folks behind these outdated, paternalistic, Big Brother approaches to managing a public entity.