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Challenging PROPAGANDA in the news media

Sadly, reporting by most national news outlets is primarily propaganda these days. Thankfully, there are some who are challenging these narratives.

Every day there are news articles with mass misinformation. One such recent instance is that bikers converging on Sturgis, South Dakota has been confirmed as a coronavirus super-spreader event. But the facts refute the smear.

When I first came upon this story, I wondered how could this information possibly be tracked. How do these people know that the event is responsible for 250,000 new coronavirus cases? This immediately triggered my bullshit radar. We can’t even track the pandemic accurately.

These idiot researchers are merely speculating using cellphone data. This is not SCIENCE! An embarrassment to data scientists everywhere. And the fact that many in the news media carried the story without any critical thinking, even just a bit of digging, further shows that reporters and editors are pathetically lazy.


You’d think neo-Nazi, KKK thugs would learn how to draw their symbol.


But outing these hate crimes as liberal, leftist hoaxes doesn’t fit the narrative. The Southern Poverty Law Center makes millions off of this stuff.

In eighth grade I learned how to properly draw a swastika. One day Mr. Howard, who taught history and coached football, gave us a surprise pop quiz.

“Take out a piece of paper. I want everyone to draw a swastika. Don’t overthink it. Just draw a swastika.”

So I did. No problem. Easy A.

Except I got it wrong. I drew it backwards, like this, 卍. The Nazi swastika, however, looks like this, 卐. Once everyone was done, Mr. Howard took a piece of chalk and drew a large one on the blackboard. And, so I learned something that day.

It reminds me of another time when the journalism advisor at college had us write Volkswagen. I wrote it Volkswagon. But it ends in a -en, not -on.