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Call me weird, old school, traditional. This woodstove is Majestic.


A photograph of a beautiful, large Majestic brand woodstove used for cooking.

I am obsessed with old technologies, such as wood stoves which also served as kitchen appliances. I’d love to have a cabin somewhere with something like this. A place to get away, far from the madding crowds, where I can learn to cook and bake using only wood and fire.


Freaky. Arcing Electricity from a Power Pole Ignites an Unlucky Tree.


The firefighters and power company were on top of the situation quickly, the arcing electricity and subsequent fire, thankfully. Unsure how the tree is faring, though.

The wind storm was impressive. There was plenty of rain, too, quite heavy at times. It’s been an unusual winter, extremely wet, even by Seattle standards.

The lights flickered a bit in the Redmond library this afternoon. The wind kept blasting away, last night and into today. It has finally died down.