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Once Again, Freedom of Speech For Me, But Not For Thee


There’s nothing like a few rabid secularists. Totally misrepresenting the First Amendment has been a staple of their tactical playbook for far too long.

Free speech means precisely that: people have the right to express themselves however they want. It is especially important that this fundamental principle be understood by the public and that speech on public property be not only respected, but celebrated.

If the ACLU has a problem with someone’s message on a campus, then, by all means, go there and express your countervailing opinion. But DO NOT stifle the FREEDOM of SPEECH.

The constant harassment by the Left is tiresome, and it’s well past time to throw it back at that them.


Libraries & Censorship

A photo of the Rural Library Services bookmobile with the state library building in the background.
A photo of the Rural Library Services bookmobile with the state library building in the background.

It’s rather ironic and quite hypocritical for the Oregon State Library to subscribe to a newsletter on censorship. It’s the newsletter of the National Coalition Against Censorship, or NCAC.

I can’t access the group’s Facebook page from the library’s computers, because Facebook is deemed inappropriate. I can’t read the NCAC’s tweets, because Twitter is a no-no. Yet, with my own personal laptop I can use the wireless network provided by the library to do it. Of course, anyone who can’t afford a laptop or similar device is out of luck.

I can’t listen to my music on Grooveshark while I write or research. But Pandora isn’t blocked for some reason. (Don’t tell, or someone will probably pull the plug.) I like listening to something while I am working on my stack of stuff for the day, whether it’s music or radio, usually streaming over the Net.

I suggest the staff of the Oregon State Library actually start reading the newsletter and implementing less restrictive policies. After all, the First Amendment doesn’t stop at the library doors.

Perhaps someone from the NCAC will contact the folks behind these outdated, paternalistic, Big Brother approaches to managing a public entity.