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Seattle’s Salmon Derby, September 1940

Everett Hay, Salmon Derby Finalist, Third Round


I had no idea that my great uncle, Everett Hay, ever fished. But he is listed as a third round finalist, second from last on the list, in The Seattle Times Salmon Derby of 1940. His catch was an impressive, at least to me, twenty pounds.



I have never heard of the word seining, until today. It is a verb and a fishing term, describing a method of fishing using a net.

The Watertown Public Opinion, my mom’s hometown paper, published some photos today of gentlemen seining on Lake Kampeska.

Seining near Hidden Valley on Lake Kampeska Wednesday is Dave Raw and crew out of Lake Norden. This week, the crew has been harvesting the rough fish out of Lake Kampeska. A net is deployed underneath the ice and then the net is pulled out and the fish are sorted. Any game fish are returned to the lake. Raw is the only licensed commercial fisherman in this part of the state, according to the S.D. Game, Fish and Parks.

The word’s origins aren’t clear, although it has passed through many cultures.

In Old English the word was segne, meaning drag-net. It is *sagina in West Germanic. in Old scottish and old High German the word is segina.

The Germans apparently borrowed it from the Romans. The Latin form is sagena. The Romans, in turn, have to credit the Greeks. In Greek sagene is a fishing or hunting net.