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Google has come to realize that open-source collaboration is the future.

I am glad to hear that Google is entering the open source arena in earnest. Since experiencing a devastating Windows crash on a new laptop, I have come to embrace it myself. I have since fallen in love with the Linux-based Ubuntu operating system and the community behind it. No one should be paying for these resources, unless he has the means and wants to do it. Technology should be open and free.



I love reading details about ancestors in books

Google Books is a terrific resource. Today, I learned a few more details about my great-great grandparents, John Conner and Ellen Lint.

the_connersI didn’t know that my great-great grandfather lived in Missouri before marrying Ellen and that he came to Iowa in 1873, the year of a
financial panic and the beginning of a depression. And he was still farming at the age of 66.


Making 360° photo spheres


A fella in Arizona is making 360° views of intriguing archaeological and historical sites. He snaps 41 photographs of the site from different angles from the same spot. Uploading these to Google’s Street View smartphone app, the photos are stitched together to create a photo sphere.

I may start experimenting with this myself. In one of my photography classes in college we did some stitching together using computers to create panoramic shots out of multiple photographs. I’ve been reading tutorials and watching videos on how to do it.


Remarkable, Heroic, Talented & A Friend of Lincoln

On the first day of February 2016, Google celebrated the birthday of Frederick Douglass, the actual day of which wasn't known, even by him, with a doodle.

One of the most remarkable, heroic, and talented men of all time was an American who was born a slave. Ever since reading his autobiography, in high school I think it was, I’ve been fascinated with the man.

On the first day of February 2016, Google celebrated the birthday of Frederick Douglass, the actual day of which wasn’t known, even to him, with a doodle. For that I am thankful to Google, for reminding me of this spectacular specimen of a man.

Everyone should learn more about him. Read what he wrote. Study what he said, what he did, how he lived. And be inspired.