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A Can of Beans, English-Style


I have seen these cans in the grocery store for years. But these cans of Heinz beans are a specialty, made in England, and usually rather expensive.

As somewhat of an Anglophile, I like trying foods that Brits are eating. So after seeing a few of these on a shelf, offered free of charge, I decided to give them a try.

What I find strange is that it’s more a tomato soup with beans. I don’t quite understand why these cans and their contents are so quintessentially English.

The pop tops are convenient. But the taste is underwhelming. It is, after all, merely beans in a tomato sauce without much taste.

The ingredients include:
modified cornflour (is this the same as modified cornstarch?)
spirit vinegar (made from some sort of alcohol and which does give some minor, mild character to the tomato sauce)
natural flavors (of which I’d like to know more about).

What I didn’t know is that these beans are usually put on toast as part of a full English breakfast. If I ever get to England, I will have to give it a shot.