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A generation of men have given up on higher ed


Men are abandoning higher education in such numbers that they now trail female college students by record levels… In the next few years, two women will earn a college degree for every man, if the trend continues…”

Men are the second-class citizens now, the undesirables. From manspreading to toxic masculinity, everything male is verboten. Is it any wonder that men would rather do something else than be lectured to and demonized every damn day?

I wrote about this on my other blog yesterday. I understand. I am one of them. I have given up on that dream, too.

Once I thought about getting a PhD and teaching history. I never got close to achieving it. That seems like a few lifetimes ago.


This ongoing idiocy


Murals at the University of Rhode Island depicting servicemen returning home from World War II are being removed because some complained about a lack of diversity in the art.

The anonymous whiners were offended. To be offended by such innocuous art is truly moronic. Busybody prudes with too much free time.

“It really depicts a snapshot in time of the university’s history, important history, showing a person returning back to campus from World War II and other historical moments.”

“Well, it depicted that era,” says the artist, Art Sherman, who is 95. His daughter says that the family does not agree with the decision.

I see it as a draconian from of censorship. It is disgusting. Universities should be places of freedom — freedom of artistic expression, freedom of speech, freedom of thought.


“They sold us all a dream/A life full of debt and misery”

I ain’t into rap and hip-hop, but a quick browse of a story in The Stranger introduced me to some lyrics that I immediately identified with. It’s titled Blame College.

They sold us all a dream
A life full of debt and misery

Higher ed is racket. It’s nice to see others calling them out. More and more folks need to wake up to the reality.