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Those Romans? Nazi scum


Apparently the Romans were the first Nazis. That’s according to some at Brown University in Rhode Island.

What would Marcus Aurelius, a philosopher king, say? Or Caesar Augustus, who founded an empire that lasted 1,500 years?

I would dare to say the war on Western values is escalating — to a point that I hope people will start standing up and fighting back against the nonsense.

If not, then we will be in danger of losing that which holds us together, that which elevates humanity above mere animals and a savagery that will doom us all. The fabric of society, the norms of life, is at risk.


Professor at Iowa State is sad because Brazil says ‘Adios’ to socialist prez

A professor at Iowa State is sad because Brazil’s socialist president overreached and is about to be thrown out of office.

What’s sad is this gal is a professor teaching political science. She doesn’t seem to know much of anything.

Smith says what’s happening in Brazil reflects a fundamental misunderstanding by many lawmakers of how the country’s democratic institutions work.”

Oh, academics in their ivory towers.

Umm, isn’t impeachment part of Brazil’s constitution? Isn’t this really up to the legislators, who are, after all, elected themselves?

Checks and balances, including the right to impeach and remove leaders, is essential to representative government. It’s an important part of the framework of any government.

“This is a moment in which those of us who care about Brazilian democracy should be sad.”

It’s up to the legislature to determine, not a nosy assistant professor half a world away.

“In my opinion, the way many deputies who voted for impeachment celebrated the vote was unseemly. Even if a president deserves impeachment, one should treat the matter with dignity and gravitas.”

Her political opponents won and celebrated the victory. Big deal! Get over it, Smith! Too bad we can’t impeach preachy professors with no real world experience.


Everyone I know in Oregon is very anti-woman.


Activists masquerading as journalists. Always a load of fun.

There’s nothing the bureaucrats like more than a good conference to talk ad nauseam about some perceived problem.

This time the topic is women, specifically how women are getting screwed.

“They are giving a ton, but they are experiencing some of the most gender inequality in the country. Women and girls are showing up for Oregon; it’s time Oregon shows up for women and girls.”

Just what this means, I’m not sure. Women are facing issues, lots of issues, apparently.

“This is our chance to make sure leaders across the state know what matters to women and girls in our community.”

Never mind the increasing gap in the ratio of men and women in college. Disregard the stats on those pursuing advanced degrees, with women dominating. Just ignore the fact that 14 of the 17 community colleges in Oregon have presidents who are women.

“Attendees said the most important contributions women and girls make to their community are leadership, empowerment, support and ‘amor,’ or love.”

Doesn’t this make you feel all warm and fuzzy?

I think what this shows is how useless higher education has become. It’s more and more a complete waste of time and money. Folks aren’t learning a damn thing.