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Man, what a cool dude


I wish he’d grope me. And then we can plunge the world into a new Cold War. What glorious fun!


“When Dad starts talking, I will open the door. You follow me.”

I’ve been watching and rewatching this video for a day or so.

I really feel for that mother. I hope the parents aren’t embarrassed. They are viral now.

These kids have provided a nice little highlight to the week, which has been mostly boringly dull.

If I had been that BBC News anchor I would have changed directions, ignoring the teleprompter, and delving into who these adorable tots are.

“Looks like we have some visitors.”

“Now, what is it like working from home?”

“Who are these little crumb crunchers?”

“Hi, what’s your name?”

“How old are you?”

Then, after the mom rushes in and ushers the two party crashers out, I’d focus on the father and fatherhood.

“What’s it like being a father?”

“No worries, you two. Thanks for being with us. And thank your wife and the two little ones for joining us, too.”

God bless ’em!


Ahh, Salem, Oregon

It’s not everyday when your hometown is mentioned in the latest blockbuster flick at the cineplex by one of the zaniest characters ever thought up.

I’ve only been out of the country twice. I went to Mexico a handful of times, and the second time, I went to Salem, Oregon.”

Ahh, Salem, Oregon. I have a love-hate relationship with the place.

Of course, the dialogue may not make sense, but that is the genius of Ron Burgundy.

I loved the original Anchorman. I even watched the little known movie made from the excess material cut from the original. (To be perfectly honest I can’t get enough of Bill Kurtis. I love his voice and his work for A&E crime shows.) I have yet to see the sequel, though the clips and trailers online have made me smile. Reviews, however, have been mixed. Some downright hate it.

Some scenes, clearly improvised, are vulgar and crass. Some of it works, some doesn’t. When it does, it is funny stuff. Of course, my parents wouldn’t understand. They didn’t get Seinfeld. They won’t get this either.

I wonder what prompted the line about Salem. Maybe it is some elusive inside joke. Or some sort of marketing gimmick? Lord knows there’s been plenty.

Will Ferrell, as Ron Burgundy, has been everywhere, inundating the airwaves with advertising and promotional tie-ins. So much so that I was on the verge of getting turned off by it. Dodge car commercials, an ‘interview’ with Peyton Manning, crashing a news desk in North Dakota, an exhibit at the Newseum.

Getting so many legit operations to go along with it is quite an accomplishment. The crass commercialism was only masked, though quite well, by Ferrell’s comedic talent. Surely the campaign would have failed without him.