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Ah, Tokyo 🗼🗾

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東京 🇯🇵

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Wish I had spent more time there. Screw China, Japan is the place to be, when in that part of the world!

By the way, if you don’t know who Jordan Schlansky is, just Google him or visit his Team Coco page. Watch and enjoy the many clips on the YouTube.


Whether or not this is legit, I don’t know. But I sure as hell am hoping it is. Kim Jong on Twitter?!

Mutant pigs.
The Japanese countryside.
dumbfounded peasants.

My favorite tweet of the day comes from North Korea, the DPRK News Service, the “official” news feed of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

Please don’t be a parody account. Please, be real. Please tell me that Kim Jong-un loves to tweet as much as Donald Trump.

Doesn’t get much better than this. Gonna have to pay more attention to this Twitter account.


“Seismic activity in southern Japan is mystifying geologists & keeping the nation on edge.”


“I don’t quite understand what is happening with the recent earthquakes, because it’s an unfamiliar phenomenon.”
— a professor with Kyoto University’s Research Center for Earthquake Prediction

Reading about the recent swarm of earthquakes in Japan is fascinating and also a bit disturbing.

“Seismic activity in southern Japan is mystifying geologists and keeping the nation on edge.”

It’s all happening on the island of Kyushu, which I am now learning about.

“The Japan Meteorological Agency said it is unprecedented to have a group of large quakes in these three parts of Kyushu. Experts are divided over how far the shaking will spread and whether it could prompt more quakes centered elsewhere.”


“I’m so thankful for the atom bombs.” — WWII vet

says that dropping two nuclear bombs on Japan to end World War II was wrong, despite the clear evidence of the even worse alternative: sending thousands upon thousands of American soldiers to invade the Japanese homeland.

The estimates on the resulting casualties helped convince President Truman that the atom bomb was the way to go. I greatly and appreciate Truman’s decision and admire his steely resolve.

He must have known there’d be critics. Yet, he wasn’t worried about how the naysayers would try to rewrite the past.

Revisionist leftist historians, often anti-American in outlook, cry foul, but always fail to mention the masses who would have died trying to force Imperial Japan into reality that their ignoble cause was lost.

One of those revisionist leftists, the haughty John Kerry, a career politician now serving as our secretary of state, recently visited Hiroshima.

I am so very thankful for politically incorrect World War II vets.