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The potential for VOTER FRAUD is, indeed, a problem


“To improve ballot integrity, we propose that federal, state, and local prosecutors issue public reports on their investigations of election fraud, and we recommend federal legislation to deter or prosecute systemic efforts to deceive or intimidate voters. States need to do more to prevent voter registration and absentee ballot fraud. The electoral system cannot inspire public confidence if no safeguards exist to deter or detect fraud or to confirm the identity of voters. Photo IDs currently are needed to board a plane, enter federal buildings, and cash a check. Voting is equally important.”
Report of the Commission
on Federal Election Reform
, 2005,
which included Jimmy Carter, Tom Daschle,
James Baker, and Bob Michel

“Ronald Reagan is dangerous & Jimmy Carter hasn’t really been all that bad.” — the Harvard Crimson, 1980

Discovered this gem in a 1980 issue of The Harvard Crimson.

“Ronald Reagan is dangerous, John B. Anderson is out of it, and Jimmy Carter hasn’t really been all that bad.”

Let’s update it for 2016. Note the revisionist history. Reagan is now nearly venerated, because the media know that turning on him now will produce an intense backlash from the public.

“Donald ain’t Ronald. Not even close. Reagan was great. Trump is terrible, and what’s worse is he’s dangerous. Bernie is out of it, and Barack Obama has been terrific. Hillary Clinton will continue that terrificness. And she’s the only rational one out there.”

Carter seemed to admit his failures and shortcomings. The modern Democrat Party doesn’t do that. Instead, everything is awesome.

Let’s hope the electorate can cut through the noise, the intense, never-ending bias of the media, like in 1980.


A Shout Out To Our Canadian Friends

Ken Taylor receiving a medal from President Ronald Reagan in 1981
Ambassador Taylor being honored at the White House with President Ronald Reagan in 1981

Former President Jimmy Carter talks about elements of the Iranian hostage crisis in an interview with Piers Morgan. Discussing the film Argo, Carter gives a lot of the credit to the Canadian ambassador to Iran at the time, Ken Taylor, and Canada’s Parliament.

“The main hero, in my opinion, was Ken Taylor who was the Canadian ambassador who orchestrated the entire process. I was informed about it the first day, and I was very much involved with the Canadian government because the Canadian government would not legally permit six false passports to be issued. So the Canadian parliament had to go into secret session the first time in history, and they voted to let us use six Canadian passports that were false.”

The script and story line of Argo demote the role of Taylor, leaving out key events, which has led to some criticism of the film and its director, Ben Affleck.

Besides Taylor, I also want to personally thank the members of the Canadian parliament at that pivotal point in history.