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Too many knuckleheads!


Why are so many of those in positions of authority such gullible fools? The murders committed by this terrorist is why people should be able to sue government bureaucrats. People must be held personally and criminally responsible for such negligence.


London Bridge back in the day must have been something


I’ve been browsing through a book on London. In it, there is a horizon-level, river view of the bridge showing a series of buildings rising from it. It is basically it’s own town.

I’d love to see such a sight in the modern era. Someone should recreate it, or something similar. Portland, Oregon or my hometown to the south, Salem, would be perfect, spanning the Willamette.


Corporate Graffiti


A McDonald’s franchise in a rough section of London has adopted a graffiti motif into the restaurant design. Apparently they just had enough with fixing up the place after getting tagged and tagged and tagged again. Instead, they went with it.

It doesn’t sit well with some, however. The critics have announced their displeasure. Personally, I don’t really care. But one critic did make a great point, which I wholeheartedly embrace.

Hopefully this is another step towards graffiti being really dated and corporate and thus not worth doing.”

Amen to that. Most graffiti is a bore. Some is fantastic. It’s art. But those are rare specimens.

Sadly, the McDonald’s graffiti scheme is a bore, too.

If you can’t beat em, join em, huh?


The Rainbow Memorial in London

Last year, a Brit photographer named Tony Kemplen started a project to shoot with a different camera every week through the entire year. He then compiled some of his work in a book. Although he only planned for 52 weeks, he’s continued using different cameras and film. In week 80, he was in London, snapping away on July 13. One of his shots is the Rainbow Division World War I Memorial while it is on display in front of the Royal Academy of Arts in London. He used a Kodak Brownie 127 camera and some film made in Yugoslavia that expired in 1994. I wrote about the new memorial after learning about it in May.