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Reminds me of Stalinist Russia & Mao’s Cultural Revolution & Great Leap Forward in China.

Those Who Bake Are an Enemy of the State!

Authorities in Venezuela, homeland of the late Hugo Chavez, have been rounding up bakers, as in those who make tasty goodies in ovens, for making too much food and not following whatever stupid rules the bureaucrats have dictated.


Long Live Stalin

Across a resurgent Russia, Stalin lives again, at least in the minds and hearts of some.”

That’s a sentence from a story in the Los Angeles Times. It’s a good, compelling read.

I had a teacher in college, who ironically or not was supposed to be teaching us about American government, yet proudly declared her love of Karl Marx during the first day of class. Her heroes, she said, were Charles Darwin, Karl Marx & Sigmund Freud. Three gentlemen whose influence on society I question.

Oh, Molly Doneka. Or Molly Donecka. However you spell her name. What a crazy lady.

A few weeks later, after I had challenged some of her claims in class a few times, she asked me to step out into the hallway, where she very forcefully asked me to drop her class. Of course, she wasn’t really asking me. It was a command. She was intimidating. She would have been a great Stalinist comrade in Mother Russia.