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Only the right “news”


Democrats in Congress only want certain “news” outlets to operate. Congressional Democrats sent a letter to Comcast, Amazon, Google, AT&T, and other companies, demanding to know how each will deal with “the spread of dangerous misinformation” from Fox NewsOAN, and Newsmax, including whether or not the corporations will continue to allow the content on their services.


Hugh Hefner was a descendant of Puritan leader William Bradford.

Hugh Hefner, founder of Playboy magazine and an ensuing media empire, recently died at the age of 91. And feminist icon Camille Paglia had a few thoughts.

“Hefner’s new vision of American masculinity was part of his desperate revision of his own Puritan heritage. On his father’s side, he descended directly from William Bradford, who came over on the Mayflower and was governor of Plymouth Colony, the major settlement of New England Puritans.”

An interesting take on Hefner and the sexual revolution.



What Bernie Gets Right — And Wrong

What the media tries to do is divide us up and suggest this country is hopelessly divided and everybody hates everybody. Sometimes we forget … nobody agrees with anybody else 100 percent of the time. I think sometimes the divisions are not quite as deep as some would make out.”

Bernie Sanders is right about this. But it’s not the whole picture. He also needs to acknowledge his campaign’s own role in the seemingly ever-widening divide.

He must try to reign in his supporters. He needs to repeatedly and emphatically ask them to stop interrupting Trump rallies and to stop being so confrontational with the Trump fans.

Of course, Trump needs to tone down his rhetoric, too. It’s everyone’s responsibility to restore a bit of civility and decorum.


China, Lady Gaga, Glenn Beck, Soros, Louis C.K., Romney, Michael Moore, Hillary, Matt Damon, Canada, Johnny Depp, Kasich, and Just About Everyone Else in D.C. & Hollywood


All the right folks — among them George Soros, Mitt Romney, the Republican Establishment, Glenn Beck, career politicians of every stripe, the bureaucrats, the mainstream media, Hillary, Bernie,  — are coming out against Trump, and secondarily Cruz, making all kinds of declarations about them and their campaigns, warning the electorate to steer clear of such wildly radical men.

So I might just vote from Trump — out of spite, mostly. If Cruz is the nominee he can count on my support. It’s a great way to rebel from the so-called mainstream.


Trump Mania — North of the Border


Many in the Canadian media appear to be obsessed with The Donald and his success on the campaign trail. He keeps being mentioned, on the CBC and in the press.

On at least one CBC show, As It Happens, which is re-broadcast in Seattle on KUOW, he is routinely mocked by the hosts. Very much like American journalists, who have an almost universal bias toward the left, they just don’t get it. The typical American is sick and tired of being dictated to by a political establishment that doesn’t care, doesn’t listen, doesn’t respond.

Trump ain’t my ideal candidate, but with the leadership we have and have had, why not give him a shot? If he makes it out of the primaries, I will vote for him. I’d prefer Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz. But we’ll have to wait and see what happens.


The Underwater Internet

I love the stuff that the folks at Mental Floss come up with. In my inbox I have been reading about a company, TeleGeography, that produces a map every year illustrating the network that is the Internet.

Mental Floss calls the latest “a work of modern art.”

“Lead artists Markus Krisetya and Larry Lairson love maps, and their passion shows in their fitting tribute to the technology . . . ”

The duo “took inspiration from antique cartography and star charts.”

Previous versions are pretty cool, too. Check out 2012.