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One of the sailors killed during the attack on Pearl Harbor has finally been buried, at Arlington.


Walter Rogers was his name. He was from South Dakota and stationed on the USS Oklahoma.

He was just a typical teenager. He loved cars and all things mechanical. It was during the Depression, and no one had any money. We were a very poor family, but he was an ambitious teenager. And he would scrounge around for parts for a car. And he finally was able to accumulate enough parts to make a functioning automobile.”

Scientists used mitochondrial DNA and dental analysis to identify Rogers’ remains.


Missing In Action, But Not Forgotten


Like my great-great uncle twenty-seven years before, Second Lt. Samuel Gordon Leftenant went missing in Europe while fighting in a war. But his sisters haven’t forgotten. An empty coffin was recently buried in Arlington in his honor, below a gravestone with his name and surrounded by comrades. His remains have never been found.