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Starting Over


I’m going to start all over again. It’s not easy but it’s not impossible either. You have to be a little tough in situations like this,” says Artemio Guterrez, a single father of four who just returned to Oregon from his mother’s funeral in Mexico only to have his home burned down by a wildfire.


New & improved! A multilingual blog — in Polish, Arabic, German, Turkish & English!

Since there are many varied people involved with this story, I am providing multilingual translations within the blog post, a first for me. I may do it more, since I think a blog in different languages is a cool idea.

I’ve settled on four translations of my original tweet: German, Polish, Turkish, and Arabic.

Poland refuses to take Muslim immigrants. Can you blame them?

Polska odmawia przyjęcia muzułmańskich imigrantów. Czy możesz ich winy?

Polonya, Müslüman göçmenleri almayı reddetti. Onları suçlayabilir misin?

Polen weigert sich, muslimische Einwanderer zu nehmen. Kannst du sie beschuldigen?

وترفض بولندا اتخاذ المهاجرين المسلمين. يمكنك إلقاء اللوم عليهم؟
watarfud bulanda aitikhadh almuhajirin almuslimina. yumkinuk ‘iilqa’ allawm ealayhim?


Strange how fences & walls seem to work at keeping people out


A wall on the border won’t work, they say, but the Democrats erect a four-mile long, eight-feet high fence in Philly around the site of their convention, the Wells Fargo Center, aptly named given their big business friendly duo of Hillary & Kaine.


Just a bit disturbing. That’s all. Religion of peace?

A group of Turks recently paraded down a street in Germany while chanting, “With Allah’s help, we will conquer you.”

Many of the multiculturalists will argue that these folks are a distinct minority. But so were the Nazis. Just because something is few in number doesn’t make it any less dangerous.

I’d also challenge that assumption. I’d like to see some evidence to support the claim that Turks, or Muslims in general, don’t support these sentiments.