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Black Lives Matter is a lie


The founder of the Black Lives Matter chapter in St. Paul, Minnesota has resigned, saying that the group isn’t concerned with helping black communities or helping improve the public schools. I am glad people like him are standing up and speaking out. I wish more would do the same.


Bacon & Eggs for Breakfast Every Day


“Clean living, and wine, women and money.” — the keys to a long life, according to a 101-year-old Richard Mann of St. Paul, Minnesota, who still shovels his own driveway and sidewalk, and his neighbor’s, too

“This is an inspiration to a lot of people to get up, get out and get something.” — his neighbor

“And kindness is the key to having a successful and good life.” — his daughter

The final sentence sold me completely on this man.

“Mann . . . swears by bacon and eggs for breakfast every day.”


Week 13, Vikings-Seahawks


Next Sunday’s Vikings-Seahawks match-up is gonna be huge. Who knew when the NFL schedule went public that this game would be so significant. Did anyone predict the Vikings leading the NFC North and being a serious threat to the Packers? I certainly didn’t see it, but then I don’t follow the Vikings that closely.¹ It looks like I will have the day off, meaning I can actually watch a Seahawks game on the TV and devote my focus to it. I will have to read up on the venue. — ajh




1. I added one missing key word, didn’t. “I certainly didn’t see it, but then I don’t follow the Vikings that closely.”

Mora, Minnesota


I forgot to mention that the photocopy of a photograph of my great-great uncle that someone found on Ancestry is dated 1905. The place is Mora, Kanabec County, Minnesota. He is listed on the 1905 census of Minnesota as a resident. Ironically, it’s not far from Duluth, which I visited with my nephews and niece and their mother in 2013, after a trip to South Dakota for a family reunion.¹

According to the 1900 and 1920 censuses, he arrived in America in 1869, first settling in Herman, Dodge County, Wisconsin. I wonder what encouraged him to come. And why Wisconsin?


  1. Why she wanted to visit Duluth I still don’t understand, but we went. It was a crazy drive. She likes to multitask and drive fast, making for a nervous uncle.