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I’ve been asking this for years! Why so many boxes?

Why do I have to check any box?
If we live in a world where
we’re not supposed to judge,
why should anyone care about
identifying? The race question
in America is one that probably
never produces a satisfactory answer
for those who are asking the questions.”
— Mike Tirico

I have been asking this for years! Why do I have to check a box? Why am I forced to answer stupid questions? Why are so many obsessed with putting me into categories? Kudos to Mike Tirico.

To close this out, let me quote Joe Biden. “You ain’t black!” That happens to be a twisted talking point by the fools at The Root.


Ah, Tokyo 🗼🗾

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東京 🇯🇵

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Wish I had spent more time there. Screw China, Japan is the place to be, when in that part of the world!

By the way, if you don’t know who Jordan Schlansky is, just Google him or visit his Team Coco page. Watch and enjoy the many clips on the YouTube.


Playing on the Frozen Tundra


I am catching up on today’s papers, highlighting the front pages revolving around the Seahawks-Vikings playoff match up in Minnesota. I’m keeping a sort of digital scrapbook.


The weather was a major part of the story line. At kickoff, the field temperature was -6°. Yes, six below zero, and the frigid conditions clearly played a key factor in the game. Six below made the game the third coldest in NFL history and the coldest ever hosted by the Vikings.

Playing on the frozen tundra wasn’t easy, for either team.


MN_WDNSeattle had never played in a below zero game before. Russell Wilson looked uncomfortable at times.

The comeback by the Seahawks was reminiscent of last year’s NFC Championship game against the Packers.

It’s still hard to believe the Seahawks won the game, given how poorly they played for most of the game.

I didn’t think any game could compete with the crazy comeback last year in the NFC Championship, but today’s in Minnesota did.” — a thought from earlier today I posted on Twitter

And these are just some of the Minnesota papers.

Go figure.”


The Big Game on NBC

NBC has scored perhaps the best NFL matchup of the week, as the season winds down. With only three games left before the playoffs, the San Francsiso 49ers visit the New England Patriots.

Playing in Foxborough is always tough. This time of year the weather could also be a factor.

The 49ers haven’t been playing well lately. The St. Louis Rams proved a worthy opponent, twice. First, in the city by the bay, where the Rams came back and the game ended in a tie, and then in St. Louis, where the Rams defeated San Francisco outright.

Thus, I am giving the edge to New England. I expect Tom Brady and the crew to be at their best.

If my prediction is correct, then the Seattle Seahawks will have a chance to nab the NFC West division title from their rivals the 49ers.

Seattle has lost to both the 49ers and the Rams this year. Both teams have yet to visit Seattle, which are the last two games of this regular season and where the Seahawks are undefeated thus far. The Seahawks were impressive and resilient in a tight 24-23 win at home against New England in week six.

Seeing Russell Wilson these past few games has proven coach Pete Carroll right in his gut instincts. He picked the right guy to lead the team at quarterback.

Seattle’s total domination of the Arizona Cardinals and wins against Green Bay, New England and Chicago show that the team is capable of taking the game to the next level, to an intensity needed for the playoffs.

I foresee two possible problems: cockiness and laziness. However, I don’t think this Seattle squad will devolve into a collective lackadaisical attitude. They might very well be peaking at the best time, just before heading into the playoffs.

A good indicator will be the game on the road on Sunday, against the lowly Buffalo Bills. Then we will know how serious these players are.