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Turning citizens into angry activists


In 2016, staff at The New York Times embarked on “a wrenching pivot from a journalism of fact to a ‘post-journalism’ of opinion.”

“The experiment proved controversial. It sparked a melodrama over standards, featuring a conflict between radical young reporters and befuddled middle-aged editors. The requirements of a newspaper as an institution collided with the call for an explicit struggle against injustice.”

“The goal of post-journalism, according to media scholar Andrey Mir, is to ‘produce angry citizens.’”


Hello, Me, circa 1984

Is that me, No. 1028, with my thick eyeglasses and mouth agape, during the Awesome 3000 race on June 2, 1984 at McCulloch Stadium in Salem, Oregon?

It’s quite remarkable to find a photograph of yourself featured prominently in your hometown paper.

It isn’t a recent one, thank God. This photo is from the microfilm archives. It dates to 1984, the second year of a youth running event called the Awesome 3000.

The more I look at it, the more I am convinced that it’s me. And is that my sister, Jennifer, standing by my side?


Gonna have to freshen up on my Czech. I love reading about Mendel.

The Case of the Missing Mendel Manuscript

A story about Gregor Mendel was featured on the front page of a Czech newspaper. The headline translates as The Case of the Missing Mendel Manuscript.

Ever since learning about my own DNA, I have become fascinated with genetics, particularly the human kind. That fascination extends to Gregor Mendel, an Austrian monk who lived in the 19th century. He discovered the basic principles of heredity through experiments in his garden using plants such as peas.


I first posted this on my experimental blog at webs.com. Why? Because the wifi at the local Whole Foods would not let me publish it at WordPress for some reason.

Crumb rubber? A most unique name. What is crumb rubber?


I like reading the newspapers and came upon this, crumb rubber, from one in New Mexico.

I have never seen the term before. It has a sort of tastiness to it, but I doubt anyone should be eating the stuff.

I am wondering if it is the strange pellets that are kicked up on artificial play fields. It is curious material. I think my niece tried eating some of it once. Her mother caught on and stopped her before any became lunch. Or maybe it was my littlest nephew.