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A throwback, with delicious hate mail

After seeing a pic of Rachel Maddow from high school years back, I provided some brief commentary. A Maddow fan did not find it amusing.

“Maddow has more intelligence and class than you could ever fathom. Your immature, sophomoric comments tell us all we care to know about you.”


He’s funny, irreverent, insightful. Thank God for voices such as Lionel.

He calls himself a political atheist. And he has convinced me that everyone of us should be as well. I think he is an atheist in the literal sense, too. Not that it matters.

By trade, he is a lawyer. But don’t hold that against him.

Anyone interested in modern times, current events, the state of the media, politics, etc. should check out his YouTube channel.

He appears regularly on RT America. But, no, that doesn’t make him a Russian spy or someone being blackmailed by Putin himself.


“Don’t rile up the angry white folks, because they’re a bunch of racists.”

Maureen Dowd & The New York Times
Promoting Good Ol’ Stereotypes

Don’t rile up the angry white folks, because they’re a bunch of racists.” Stereotype much, Maureen?

Can a white man be “angry” without being a racist? Can a man oppose Obama without being labelled as such?


I just want to clarify that I paraphrased her line. Her original text is, “I wondered if he realized that, in riling up angry whites, he has pulled the scab off racism.”

Conjecture Ain’t Science

A scene from Kevin Costner’s Waterworld, a movie I thankfully have never seen.

Humans may evolve bizarre features
such as webbed feet and eyes like cats
in response to changing environments, a scientist claims . . . ”

The writers forgot to mention gills in the lead. That’s what I’m looking forward to: when I evolve gills on the sides of my cheeks.

This is all thanks to global warming. Or climate change, or climate disruption — whatever the experts call it these days. Warming may very well create a watery world. Next thing ya know Dr. Skinner will be quoting from Kevin Costner’s disastrous movie.

Upon first learning of this wild conjecture by a so-called expert, I tweeted my disdain.

x_files_sketch_cover_flukeman_david_golding_2015_by_davidgolding-d8o2sq0I didn’t stop there, however. I sent Dr. Skinner a note via email. His email address is posted prominently on his college bio page.

Wow. Just wow.

You’re an idiot. You shouldn’t be teaching. Conjecture ain’t science.

Aaron Hill

Maybe I should give him a call, too.

Oh, Dr. Skinner, and I use the honorific Dr. very loosely. Every time I type or read Dr. Skinner I think of The X Files.