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One of the sailors killed during the attack on Pearl Harbor has finally been buried, at Arlington.


Walter Rogers was his name. He was from South Dakota and stationed on the USS Oklahoma.

He was just a typical teenager. He loved cars and all things mechanical. It was during the Depression, and no one had any money. We were a very poor family, but he was an ambitious teenager. And he would scrounge around for parts for a car. And he finally was able to accumulate enough parts to make a functioning automobile.”

Scientists used mitochondrial DNA and dental analysis to identify Rogers’ remains.


‘So That Future Generations Never Forget’


It’s great to see this on the front page of the hometown paper. Two Pearl Harbor survivors.

“I am so impressed to this very day with the bravery and cooperation among the guys during the attack. There isn’t an American who wouldn’t be proud of what we did that day.”

But it’s not just a day to remember and honor our veterans. It’s also a stark reminder to be prepared, to be ever vigilant.

“We really dropped the ball, and it’s bothered me ever since. It should not have happened.”

Let’s take note of that, in this era of suicide bombers and terrorists.