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America the BEAUTIFUL


Manhattan, 1887


When my great grandparents landed at the Castle Garden immigration depot at the tip of Manhattan in 1887, this is what New York City looked like, at least on one street. It must have been exciting, traveling from the far reaches of Germany in Eastern Europe, likely visiting the cities of Stettin, Berlin and Bremen along the way, and ending up in New York City after crossing the Atlantic before setting out for their final destination, South Dakota.


Hello, Me, circa 1984

Is that me, No. 1028, with my thick eyeglasses and mouth agape, during the Awesome 3000 race on June 2, 1984 at McCulloch Stadium in Salem, Oregon?

It’s quite remarkable to find a photograph of yourself featured prominently in your hometown paper.

It isn’t a recent one, thank God. This photo is from the microfilm archives. It dates to 1984, the second year of a youth running event called the Awesome 3000.

The more I look at it, the more I am convinced that it’s me. And is that my sister, Jennifer, standing by my side?


A pic from happier days, when life wasn’t as complicated.


I can’t remember where or when this was taken. It’s one of the few pics of myself that I don’t mind. I discovered a copy on my MySpace page, which I resurrected a few years back.

Yes, MySpace, now branded as Myspace, still exists, though for how long one can only guess. However, years of material, though minimal on my part, had been annoyingly erased during a reboot and rebranding of the site. I am surprised whoever is behind it continues to trudge along.


PS Remember Friendster? I was on there, too.