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Get Medieval

The sad fact is that there are abusers — child molesters, sex traffickers, monsters et al — hiding among us. They walk amongst us. They go shopping. They go to the library.

Everything a “normal” person does, they do too. Criminals rarely announce their rap sheets. They just go about their business, including the crimes, oft well-hidden and disguised.

I just wonder how many felonies go undiscovered. How many criminals are never caught? And of those caught, how many are charged and prosecuted? How many escape justice?

It’s very important to listen to kids, to constantly reinforce that its safe to talk about anything. That’s one of the ways to counter the disgusting pigs taking advantage.

Kids must have adults around them who they can approach. It’s the savvy, sneaky creeps who infiltrate schools and churches, wherever kids congregate that particularly must be guarded against.

I hope Dennis Hastert goes away for a long time. Ideally, it’d be for the remainder of his life. In my world, if I were in charge, he’d be lucky if he wasn’t castrated.

The number three sounds good to me. A man is proven to have sexually abused kids, three incidents or victims, then you forfeit your manhood, before being shipped off to serve a lengthy, preferably life, sentence.

I haven’t come up with a standard for domestic abusers, those who beat up on women and kids. But something similar sounds good, such as losing an arm. You like hitting people with that fist? Then you’re gonna lose it, and go to prison for awhile too.

Call me draconian, but I have little sympathy for creeps who target children. Time to get medieval on the bad guys of the world.