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“The media is complicit if they keep inciting, as opposed to informing.”


This isn’t some Alt-Right nut. This is coming from a Congressman representing a district in Michigan, Jack Bergman.



Tim Kaine gives us the Nazi ‘Sieg Heil!’ & Hillary laughs! (P.S. Bernie’s a Jew.)

PSST. Bernie Sanders is a Jew and an atheist.


They really are showing their colors, aren’t they? Hey, it’s fair game ain’t it? Going after Laura Ingraham with the same craziness. Hillary and Kaine obviously aren’t Nazis. Well, Tim isn’t. (By the way, Bernie Sanders is an atheist and a Jew.)


There’s nothing quite like indoctrinating young kids & at school no less.


The indoctrination of kids is a time honored tradition. From the Soviets and the Nazis to Islamic State, it’s proved very popular through the ages. Schools, particularly the public ones, are often where it takes place. Leftist activists aren’t doing these children any favors with the victimization propaganda of the Black Lives Matter movement.


I always love seeing propaganda on the front page


“All too often in the aftermath of terrorism, Muslim Americans suffer unthinkable violence and discrimination.”

What total BS.

A US Attorney said this?! Well, guess what, she’s lying.

The uptick in “violence and discrimination” is nonexistent.

It’s always fun when those in power, including the police and the media, do their best to spread lies.


There’s Nothing Better than a Bunch of Indoctrinated Young Men with Guns

The Army has been teaching certain soldiers about their “white privilege” and how to counter it.

I’m sure it was fun times, the best class on the base.

You see, in the United States “privilege is organized according to race,” whoever wrote the class materials claims.

Thankfully, I wasn’t among them, although I have come close to such travesties.

Staffers at the community college in my hometown were, and probably still are, pushing a diversity class, a requirement for graduation. Fortunately it never gained enough traction to become reality — yet.



Embracing David Duke?

NE_LJSFalling for a drive-by media meme? I thought Senator Sasse was smarter than that. Gave him way more credit than he deserves, sadly.

Who is talking about embracing David Duke, anyway? No one, that’s who. Trying to smear by accusation is just wrong, Senator Sasse. Repeating DNC talking points ain’t a good way of furthering your career or defending the party.

I left the Republican Party a long time ago, or rather the Republicans left me behind, abandoning common sense conservatism and embracing big government liberalism.

I am not a fan of Donald Trump, generally. But if it’s a choice between him and Hillary, that’s a no-brainer.

After watching the clip of him on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, I just have this to say:

I agree a lot with his points on Trump, Putin, China, and the Republican Party et al, but . . .

What a weasel.

We cannot afford Hillary as president.