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Where is the rain?

It has not rained in Seattle for a long, long time. I think the same is true for western Oregon. It usually rains in western Oregon around Labor Day, breaking up months of summer sunshine and signaling that fall is on the way. I just checked the extended forecast and there is no precipitation expected for weeks.


“‘All the signs were pointing to another bad year.’ Yet the nightmare scenario never happened.”


Today I discovered this article on the front page of my hometown newspaper.

Hmm, “forecasters don’t know quite everything,” yet the climate change doomsdayers continue to push their agenda thanks to a mostly compliant media.

Let me re-write this. Let’s just replace a few key words here and there.

“If there were ever a year to remind Oregonians that weather forecasters climate change researchers don’t know quite everything, this winter brought proof.”

Yet the nightmare scenario never happened.

The irony is that’s all we have to change. They can’t predict how much rain is gonna fall this year, but expect us to believe they know how hot the world will be in ten.

“The rainy season began with a serious amount of pessimism, as forecasters and climatologists fretted about a strong El Nino fueling a third straight winter of thin snowpack.”

Shockingly, the weather folks were pessimistic, overly so.

“Oregon was already mired in a historic drought — following one of the hottest and driest years on record in 2015 — and the consensus was more bad news was headed our way.”

And here we get another lie willingly repeated and reinforced by so-called journalists. Twenty-fifteen was “one of the hottest and driest years on record.” This claim is garbage. Total hype.

“‘I remember being really worried in October. All the signs were pointing to another bad year.’”

“Yet the nightmare scenario never happened.”

Hey, whaddya know, the experts got it wrong! And will continue to do so. After all, they are only human.


Rain for the foreseeable future? Shocking. Utterly shocking.



At first glance I thought this was a rose, but it is, in fact, a poppy. I love both. I am a big fan of both species. They are easy to grow, and poppies love to spread themselves around.

It’s great that spring is early this year. But the copious rain is driving me nuts.

Instead of “April showers bring May flowers,” this year it is “February floods bring wet March poppies.”