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Those Romans? Nazi scum


Apparently the Romans were the first Nazis. That’s according to some at Brown University in Rhode Island.

What would Marcus Aurelius, a philosopher king, say? Or Caesar Augustus, who founded an empire that lasted 1,500 years?

I would dare to say the war on Western values is escalating — to a point that I hope people will start standing up and fighting back against the nonsense.

If not, then we will be in danger of losing that which holds us together, that which elevates humanity above mere animals and a savagery that will doom us all. The fabric of society, the norms of life, is at risk.


I’ve been wondering about the name August, the Germanic form of Augustus. It is prominent among my maternal grandfather’s family.

Augustus II the Strong (German: August II. der Starke) | His great physical strength earned him the nicknames the Strong, the Saxon Hercules and Iron-Hand.

My great grandfather was Albert August Fromke. His younger brother was August L. Fromke. Albert’s wife was Augusta Wilhelmina Lentz.

I am hoping to learn about why this was such a strong tradition in Germany. There is many a German prince with the name and a few princesses too.

There’s Augustus the Strong, born in Dresden and elected King of Poland. There’s Augustus the Third, son of Augustus the Strong who also became King of Poland.

Then, there’s Augustus the Younger. He had the largest collection of books and manuscripts north of the Alps. There is Augustus d’Este, a grandson of King George III of Great Britain.

It all goes back to Augustus, Elector of Saxony. And, of course, before him, there was Rome. The first Roman emperor is known as Augustus.