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Nazis, Paris, Executions ◦ June 13, 1940 ◦ The Seattle Times Front Page


I’ve been looking through newspaper files, focusing on events on the front page, to see what my great uncle was seeing and reading while living in Seattle in 1940. The war was on, but America was not yet directly involved in the hostilities.



Seattle’s Salmon Derby, September 1940

Everett Hay, Salmon Derby Finalist, Third Round


I had no idea that my great uncle, Everett Hay, ever fished. But he is listed as a third round finalist, second from last on the list, in The Seattle Times Salmon Derby of 1940. His catch was an impressive, at least to me, twenty pounds.


“Heritage is at the mercy of the historians . . . ”

Heritage is at the mercy of historians who decide what to remember and what to forget.”

I was impressed by this line in Pacific NW Magazine, part of the Sunday Seattle Times.

Churchill had the best reply I can think of.

“History will be kind to me for I intend to write it.”

If you don’t like what the historians are doing, then by all means, jump right on in.