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Governor Whitmer is nuts. She is a sociopath.

Ordering students who play sports to wear face masks during games? WTF?! When will the people of Michigan rise up?

She obviously loves the power. She has been issuing executive orders at a furious pace.

Who is advising this lady? Will anyone challenge her? Will anyone stand up and say no?


I’ve been asking this for years! Why so many boxes?

Why do I have to check any box?
If we live in a world where
we’re not supposed to judge,
why should anyone care about
identifying? The race question
in America is one that probably
never produces a satisfactory answer
for those who are asking the questions.”
— Mike Tirico

I have been asking this for years! Why do I have to check a box? Why am I forced to answer stupid questions? Why are so many obsessed with putting me into categories? Kudos to Mike Tirico.

To close this out, let me quote Joe Biden. “You ain’t black!” That happens to be a twisted talking point by the fools at The Root.


The Forty-Three

this compares with
the rest of the league.

I’ve seen a fan escorted out of Xfinity Arena in Everett during a Silvertips game (a Western Hockey League team) after getting into it with alcohol enforcement. He was a younger man, and he was drunk. A man whom I’m assuming was his father was trying to calm him down, but to no avail. So, he was escorted from the building. I have yet to witness the same happening to a Seahawks fan, though I’m sure it does.

Of course, the vast majority of fans are fine, creating no problems whatsoever. I am curious to know more about these forty-three, however.