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The Undiscovered Country

Star Trek 6 concept poster

startrek6conceptposterI love this concept poster for Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country. I don’t understand why the studio, Paramount, wouldn’t go for it, honoring every actor and character. It’s perfect, in my opinion.

It’s by John Alvin, a prolific film poster artist who died in 2008 at the age of sixty. Fortunately, his work has been compiled into a book, including much that had been rejected or unused.

The original digital version of this poster, the thumbnail, is a bit dull, so I upped the contrast, making the black deeper, and added some color.

The theatrical poster is cool, too, with an ominous Christopher Plummer as General Chang lurking in the stars among the background. My favorite, though, is the teaser poster, showing the ridges on a Klingon’s head and the Enterprise in dramatic fashion. — ajh

The teaser poster declaring that another Star Trek film was in production, The Undiscovered Country.
The poster printed for the theatrical release.


Yes, I’m a Trekkie

Captain Picard is abducted and then made into a part cybernetic, part organic life-form, becoming the primary villain in the first episode I ever watched of Star Trek: The Next Generation. It was a fantastic introduction. Great writing, great acting, great story-line, great visuals.

This is my Star Trek page. I was introduced to it late, very late, by a friend.

It was sometime in the early Nineties. Amber had invited me over to her house. We were high school friends. After learning that I had never seen Star Trek: The Next Generation, at least a complete episode, she had me sit and watch The Best of Both Worlds, where I got my first glimpse of the Borg, one of the greatest sci-fi villains ever created. Well, I was hooked.

Then, I began to delve into the work by the original cast, including The Wrath of Khan and The Undiscovered Country.

I will be writing more later, adding to this post as I go.


Once Again, Thanks, Mr. Spock

Thanks to Leonard Nimoy, the original, one-and-only Mr. Spock, updating his Facebook page about three hours ago, I have learned that the teaser trailer for the next Star Trek flick has been released. He wants to know what the fans think of it. So I am heading off into cyberspace to find and watch it. There’s also Klingons in the news, which I’ll write about later.


‘Beam me, up!’

I am reading news reports about Congressman David Wu. I first read about the situation on FoxNews.com, based on reporting in The Oregonian and Willamette Week. As I read through the details, I may add some here and a few comments.

Wu’s Klingon stunt a few years ago, recorded by C-SPAN, reminded me a lot of Jim Traficant, a larger-than-life Congressman who often said “Beam me, up!” on the House floor when flabbergasted by something. At the time The Oregonian printed a funny photo of someone in Klingon grab and makeup with its story on the front page, which I’ll always remember.

Wu may have been referencing the book Rise of the Vulcans, which refers to a group within the Bush White House, but this was lost on most, perhaps even Wu himself. There was, and apparently still is, a serious disconnect.

There’s a lot of funny video out there on Traficant, so take a look. My favorites are from his ethics committee hearing, manure studies at the Ag Department, and about the Dems and growth and power of the government.