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Hillary only provided half of her emails to the State Department. Now, the FBI is sending the rest. What a mess. A fiasco.

Thousands of emails the FBI recovered from Hillary Clinton’s servers began flowing Thursday from the law enforcement agency to the State Department, where they’ll be processed for public release . . . ”

This is despite Hillary Clinton being adamant that she cooperated fully with the State Department and the FBI.

She is a charlatan and a liar.


The Clintons & Their Cronies

So a nonpolitical person at the State Department, a fella named Steve Linick, has come under attack from Bill and Hillary and friends.

The Clintons and their cronies are attacking someone investigating Hillary’s time as secretary of state? I’m shocked. We’ve never seen that before.

Linick is the inspector general of the State Department. He’s not a Republican operative, despite what the Clintons and their defenders outrageously claim. He’s no partisan. It’s his job!

But, of course, anyone with half a brain knows this is standard operating procedure for Hillary and Bill & company. Many have benefited off their largess, so there are a lot of folks with a vested interest in protecting them.

Remember? There’s a long list of names, scandals, people and places.

Mena, Arkansas. Troopergate. Gennifer Flowers.

It was the 1990s. The mainstream media avoided even mentioning these. I, like so many others, didn’t know anything about the scandals involving the CIA and drugs in Arkansas, nor Bill Clinton’s role in many nefarious deeds. Even today, the scandals are mostly unknown, long forgotten tales of American decline.

While in college, I discovered a stack of American Spectator magazines. I’d never heard of it. I’d never heard of the airport in Mena. But I soon learned. The allegations and accusations were shocking, bthe convincing. Most, however, didn’t care. They voted for the man anyway.

Though I’d never met the man, the previous student paper adviser, C.C. Risenhoover, had an indelible influence on me. He, via his old subscription to a magazine, helped give voice to, and expand, my understanding of conservativism.

Whitewater. Monica Lewinsky. Benghazi. The email server in the closet.

They smear anyone who gets in the way, anyone who disrupts the planned narrative.

Juanita Broaddrick. Paula Jones. Kathleen Wiley. Kenneth Starr.

The Clintons’ penchant for sleaziness, nastiness, and corruption never ceases to amaze me.