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A policeman’s death in Chicago was ruled a suicide. But an FBI expert says otherwise.


Veteran Chicago police Sgt. Donald Markham was shot by someone else at point-blank range in his home in 2015 before the scene was staged to appear to be a suicide, a forensic pathologist hired by the FBI concluded in a report obtained Thursday by the Chicago Tribune.

The five-page report contradicts Cook County officials’ ruling that Markham had shot himself in September 2015 after a drunken argument with his wife, Dina, also a veteran Chicago cop. The report was part of a yearlong probe by the FBI, which began after questions were raised within the Chicago Police Department about Markham’s death.


“Like a dandelion up through the pavement, I persist.” Amen, brother.

A drawing of Wentworth Miller from Lisa Pearson’s sketchbook, a fan in the UK

Read a bit about actor Wentworth Miller yesterday. I watched his show Prison Break for awhile. I got bored with the show, so I stopped watching. But he and co-star Dominic Purcell were always compelling.

Wentworth has had his ups and downs, like the rest of us. I’m not famous, so thankfully I don’t have the paparazzi following me around, capturing moments for posterity. I’d probably be a combination of Alec Baldwin mixed with some Sean Penn and God knows what else.

He wrote about his recent experiences, including battles with depression, and penned the following line, which I admire, on his Facebook page.

Like a dandelion up through the pavement, I persist.”

Amen, brother.

It explains my feelings, and current predicaments, succinctly.