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The mysterious figures on the grassy knoll during that fateful day in Dallas? The Cruz family!


Strange, but curiously interesting. I wonder who got started down this road.

“Hey, he looks like Ted Cruz’s dad!”

The smear campaign against Cruz continues, adding to a long list of character assassination attempts. This latest one is a bit bizarre, even for the Enquirer.

Even if it is Ted’s father in the photo, what does that prove? I don’t think there will be much, if any, damage from it.

If being in a photograph alongside Lee Harvey Oswald makes one guilty of anything, then there are quite a few law-abiding Americans who fit into that category.

Nice try, Enquirer!

What’s planned for next week? “Ted Cruz Helped Hinckley Shoot Reagan! And Has A Big Crush on Jodie Foster, Too!”


Smug, Incredulous, Desperate, Weary, Insanely Happy, Exasperating

primaries_photo_montageMoody on the Campaign Trail

Peculiar choices by whoever designs Stockton, California’s newspaper The Record. But they do well represent my various moods today.

Donald Trump appears smug.

Cruz looks incredulous. (He can’t believe he’s losing to this guy.)

Desperate is how I would describe Marco.

Kasich has a weariness to him. He seems tired. I’m sure it’s been a long campaign already.

Hillary looks insanely happy, and she should be since her campaign operatives have locked up so many super-delegates, who can vote however they want, no matter what the primary voters and caucus goers say, which helps to explain Bernie’s expression.

Bernie is exasperated, and with good reason.

I wonder what other revealing photos the press corps have captured on the campaign trail. It will be interesting to see what appears — in print, such as tell-all books, and otherwise — after the general election, and perhaps even before.


Trump Mania — North of the Border


Many in the Canadian media appear to be obsessed with The Donald and his success on the campaign trail. He keeps being mentioned, on the CBC and in the press.

On at least one CBC show, As It Happens, which is re-broadcast in Seattle on KUOW, he is routinely mocked by the hosts. Very much like American journalists, who have an almost universal bias toward the left, they just don’t get it. The typical American is sick and tired of being dictated to by a political establishment that doesn’t care, doesn’t listen, doesn’t respond.

Trump ain’t my ideal candidate, but with the leadership we have and have had, why not give him a shot? If he makes it out of the primaries, I will vote for him. I’d prefer Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz. But we’ll have to wait and see what happens.