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The Undiscovered Country

Star Trek 6 concept poster

startrek6conceptposterI love this concept poster for Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country. I don’t understand why the studio, Paramount, wouldn’t go for it, honoring every actor and character. It’s perfect, in my opinion.

It’s by John Alvin, a prolific film poster artist who died in 2008 at the age of sixty. Fortunately, his work has been compiled into a book, including much that had been rejected or unused.

The original digital version of this poster, the thumbnail, is a bit dull, so I upped the contrast, making the black deeper, and added some color.

The theatrical poster is cool, too, with an ominous Christopher Plummer as General Chang lurking in the stars among the background. My favorite, though, is the teaser poster, showing the ridges on a Klingon’s head and the Enterprise in dramatic fashion. — ajh

The teaser poster declaring that another Star Trek film was in production, The Undiscovered Country.
The poster printed for the theatrical release.