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Hey, when you’re hungry, you’re hungry.

I’m not the only one who loves a good burger.

Somewhere in the nation’s capital, a fella snuck into a Five Guys burger joint by following a delivery man through an open door. After the delivery man left, he fired up the grill, made himself a burger, drank a bottled water, and then left.

Of course, there are easier ways of making a good burger in the wee hours of the morning. Also, breaking the law for a meal isn’t generally a good idea. Other than the food, it doesn’t look like he damaged anything. No broken windows, no damaged locks.

I do like this guy’s style. There’s something admirable about him. I am fond of harmless, nonviolent thieves. It sure beats the alternative, hardened criminals who don’t mind hurting people. I do wonder if drugs had any role in this.

If the authorities track the man down, Five Guys should just charge him for whatever he ate and drank with the proviso that he should visit during normal business hours.


In Seattle, Beware of Pickpockets & Thieves

I am really sick of pickpockets and thieves. If ever you’re in the vicinity of Third & Pike in downtown Seattle, be wary of the crowds hanging about. Property crime seems to be on the increase in Seattle. So I’m doing what I can to temper the situation.

While walking to catch my bus, I noticed a group of discarded items on the sidewalk near a convenience store. It was mostly cards, what should be in someone’s wallet, not strewn about on the sidewalk. I am assuming this gentleman — whose “enhanced” state driver’s license, Library of Congress ID, NASA Goddard library card, expired National Association of Rocketry membership card, and numerous other similar-sized items were littered on a corner of the concrete — needs this stuff.

I know how frustrating it can be to lose such important and needed life essentials, particularly the state ID. The enhanced version is pretty much a passport and useful for flying.

One morning a few months back some creep sneaked (Or should it be snuck?) off with my favorite backpack, with lots of my life in it. My favorite baseball caps. My Kindle Fire. My ID. My MAST card, so I can serve alcohol to folks. My debit and ATM cards.

I found an email address for our latest victim by doing a simple Google search, and promptly sent him a message. I have yet to hear from him. We connected and now the stack of stuff is back with the rightful owner. He’s an engineering student at the University of Washington, studying space propulsion and exploration.

He wanted to offer me something, but explained that he’s poor and broke — like everyone else. I told him it was fine. I was a college student, more than once, so I know. It’s nice seeing these items, some clearly vital, returned to where they belong.

I wish someone had done the same for me after my backpack was stolen. Who knows what happened to my ID and miscellany. Who ended up with my Kindle Fire, for instance? I’d love to know the answer to that. There must be quite a criminal underworld dealing in pilfered goods.

Criminals are driving me nuts. Drug dealing is rampant in this area, Third and Pine in downtown Seattle. There was a crackdown a few months ago. But after that passed, the weirdos and addicts and pushers returned. Not that they went far.

I just want folks to be aware, no matter where they happen to be. In Seattle. In Portland. In Berlin. In Prague. In rural Oregon. Everywhere criminals lurk, awaiting opportunities. So do your best to limit these temptations. Be vigilant. Be protective. And hopefully you won’t become a victim of crime.

The police are so overworked and understaffed that getting any significant results from property crimes are unrealistic. This shouldn’t be the case, but it is.

I’m beginning to think that Saudi Arabia may be on to something. Thieves get a hand chopped off. There certainly needs to be more deterrents for these predators. Sadly, the police, already with a full plate, aren’t motivated to take this on.